Sex Video Scandal

Okay, before I let this one go because it’s obviously already too much, I’d just like to throw in my two centavos about this whole Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili sex tape. The real loser here is not Katrina Halili. Yes, she was wronged and it sucks that her private video was leaked out (I feel sorry for her), but when all the hoopla dies down, she’ll be getting movie deals left and right. What I’m saying is she will get compensated generously for all the publicity she’s getting and besides, she wasn’t exactly a role model to begin with before all of this even started (So why is Gabriela all of a sudden backing her up?) Also, it didn’t help that she went on national TV asking people not to watch the video – that exactly had the opposite effect. Remember, law of attraction. As for Hayden Kho, he’ll get the justice he deserves. Did he think he was William Baldwin in Sliver?

The real losers here are all the fans of the song “Careless Whisper”. Now, we can never use that as our theme song for weddings or any other occasion except maybe for bachelor’s parties. One can’t even sing it in a videoke bar without getting sniggers and knowing looks. This also sucks for all the legally married couples who want to spice up their marital sex life with a little amateur video, even if they plan to delete it right after. All women are now paranoid.

And for all the politicians who are getting on the bandwagon and using this case as an indicator of how our society has become so immoral, oh hush! One person’s action does not reflect a whole society’s moral behavior. There are a lot of decent guys out there who respect and cherish women. They just don’t make videos of how they respect women and treat them right and post it on the web.

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