My 2018 New Year Goals

These are my goals for 2018 because¬†new year resolutions are so 2017. Why am I making my goals public? Because I read somewhere that if you make your goals public, you are more likely to achieve them. Or maybe not. Maybe I’ll be the first one to prove that wrong. My first goal is to make 100 videos in 100 days. Am I going to make it? I’m not really sure. Am I afraid to fail? Yes I am but even if those 100 videos suck, at least I’d learn something, and if only at least one of them is any good, then that means I still really suck and need to work at.

it I also need to keep the 4 agreements again. If you guys never heard of the 4 agreements, google it. These are the 4 agreements in no particular order:

  1. Be impeccable with your word. That means saying what you mean and meaning what you say. And doing what you say you will do and also not saying anything bad about anybody even if they’re really bad, like that guy that I know.
  2. Always do your best. It’s self explanatory.
  3. Never take anything personally even if somebody attacks you don’t ever take it personally. Never make assumptions. As the old saying goes, assume makes an ass of “u” and “me”. That’s so hacky, I know.

I’m also gonna apply what I learned in the book “The One Thing”, which means everyday I’m gonna do that one thing that really matters – that one thing if you do it , everything else will not matter.

And those are my goals for 2018. I hope to achieve most of them and I hope you guys will achieve yours too. See you later. Bye bye, have a good new year. Happy new year!