Stand Up Reboot

Last night, I did my last gig for the year 2010, though I still have a couple of pending corporate gigs. And as I announced in my FaceBook account, I am semi-retiring all my material for at least a year. If you’re familiar with The Comedian, a documentary on Seinfeld’s return to stand up, then you’re probably thinking, “Are you crazy, Tim? You don’t have the budget nor the spare time that Seinfeld has!” Yeah, if you put it that way, I am kinda crazy. But I also haven’t felt this hungry about comedy in a long time. I mean that in a figurative sense, although any time I stay up later than midnight I start to get hungry literally and I raid the fridge and pantry for some hot Korean ramen with MSG.

I’m doing this because I feel that I’ve been using my material as a crutch and I need some sort of drug-free kick to get me going and go to the next level as a comedian, a performer, and a human being. Cheezy? Quite. But it is also very liberating. This is what Eckhart Tolle means when he talks about letting go of the ego. I’ve identified myself with my material and now it’s time to let it go so I can grow. The challenge is to now start from the beginning and create from a new perspective without being influenced too much by my previous experience, which is 14 years of comedy. Along the way, I will document and share insights, techniques, shortcuts and other helpful things I will learn and re-learn in the process.

An exception of course is if I get booked for a corporate gig before I have new material, then I will have to use some of my old stuff. Hey, I still got to earn a living.

So enough talk and let’s start the walk. Wish me luck!

Oh and by the way, if you want to watch The Comedian, you can buy it on Amazon by clicking below: