Filipino Comedian Tim Tayag Does Standup at Strumm’s Part 1

Pinoy standup comedian Tim Tayag doing his set a few years ago at Strumm’s Bar. Tim is a Filipino comedian who has performed his jokes in the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Malaysia, and other countries. He was in 2013 Asia’s Top 10 Comedians by Asia Top 10 Magazine.

He is the co-founder of the Comedy Cartel. The original comedy group that pioneered observational standup comedy in the Philippines.

Watch his standup comedy video here at Strumm’s Bar along Jupiter Street in Makati, Philippines. He jokes around with an audience member from the United States. It’s all in fun.

In this comedy set, Tim tells the American guy where to visit in the Philippines because it really is more fun in the Philippines, especially if you have money.

If you live in Quiapo and don’t have a sense of humor, do not watch this video because you might get offended, which is quite stupid because it’s only a joke. Why be offended over something that’s not true?

If you’re John Lloyd Cruz, watch this video and share it because it really needs more views. There was an audience member who looks like you.

This standup comedy video was recorded on Tim’s dead Flipcam which doesn’t want to charge anymore, unlike his shopping wife who can’t stop charging. It’s okay, she won’t be reading this post, unless it has the word sale on it.

If you want to know more about Tim’s comedy performances and standup comedy you can follow him on twitter:@timtayag or like his Facebook Page. He’s okay with stalkers as long as it remains online. Not that he has any. You’d be the first.

For bookings you may contact Ecircle Entertainment at (02) 533 9316 or visit their Facebook Ecircle Facebook Page. But I have to warn you, Tim doesn’t come cheap. He’s good at what he does.