Standup Comedy Videos

These are a few of the footage of Filipino comedian Tim Tayag’s standup performances. He has more but nobody has a VHS player anymore and he has no time to convert these film. Tim has been doing standup comedy for 19 years, yes he’s that old, and has done shows all over the world. Currently, he is based in the Philippines, where he enjoys the third world lifestyle.

The first 2 Filipino comedy videos are his jokes in the Philippines. The first was one snippet of his numerous shows at the University of Makati and the second was his Call Center Comedy Tour, where he visited 10 call centers all over Metro Manila and Clark, Angeles city to bring humor to the workplace. As he said, “If they can’t come to my comedy shows, I will bring the comedy shows to them.”

The 3rd, 4th, and 5th clips are from Comedy Masala shows in Singapore, where Tim was the first Filipino headliner and still is a regular performer there. Big thank you to the promoter and the funniest Pakistani host, Umar Rana. Take note that Tim only knows 2 Pakistanis and the other one is an accountant.

Tim also does guestings on local Philippine television where he showcases his unique brand of humor. But if you don’t have cable or can’t afford it, then you’ve probably never seen him. You need to have some budget to truly appreciate his jokes. They are not for everyone, especially the ones without a sense of humor.

Learn more about Tim by visiting his Facebook Fan Page where you can laugh at a lot of his share-worthy memes about marriage, being Filipino, travel, and pretty much anything under the sun or moon if it’s night time. You can also follow him on his twitter @timtayag where he needs more followers.

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