One of Asia’s Top 10 Comedians in Samsung Theater

Funny man Tim Tayag, named one of Asia’s top 10 stand up comedians by Top 10 of Asia Magazine, shows us how to be a stand up comedian with another rib-tickling stand up in this comedy video.

He performs a spot-on Chinese accent in this bit (Cantonese to be precise although the other dialect speakers might protest), which is not really breaking any new ground unless it’s Spratley we’re talking about, but the point of the premise is, I think you just have to watch it and judge for yourself. Mr. Tayag has a lot more hilarious Asian jokes in his joke repertoire but this bit is one of his best Asian jokes. The word “tinga” sounds like one of them funny Chinese words but he strongly suspects it was stolen from us Filipinos, who have a lot of funny sounding words in the Tagalog language.

Russel Peters is probably the best comedian to watch if you really want to learn how to do a Chinese accent, as Mr. Peters is an expert on different Asian accents including Indian accents and the Filipino accent.

Watch Tim and other comedians on tour in a show in Singapore on March 1, 2016 at Comedy Masala. Catch him oh his standup tour of Asia and Australia.

People have been waiting for his stand up comedy DVD and Tim promises it will come out soon and he really hopes that it gets pirated and sold at dubious stalls in the “tiangge”, another funny Tagalog word that sounds like another one of those funny Chinese words which was probably pirated as well. Because when Tim’s DVD is stolen and mass re-produced, that’s when he knows he has truly made it.

Visit his Facebook Page to learn more about his stand up comedy gigs and other comedy projects he is working on. You can also follow him on his twitter: @timtayag