Pinoy Stand Up Performance in Singapore

Here’s a clip of my set at Comedy Masala in Home Club in Singapore. I had to set up my Flip camera all the way in the back so the video quality is not that good. Big thanks to Umar who runs the show and also to all the other comedians over there.

I’ll be back soon!

At first, I wasn’t quite sure how the Singaporean crowd would respond to my brand of comedy. But then I thought, “Hey at least they understand English”, unlike my one month bearded performance in Doha were hardly any of my audience understood English. I was pleasantly surprised when the crowd gave me big laughs. It was the 5th night of Comedy Masala which Umar Rana hosts. He’s the funniest Pakistani stand up comedian I’ve ever seen. But then again, I’ve never seen a Pakistani comedian. Seriously, he did a great job hosting. From what I observed, the audience over there need a lot of interaction. So I had to adjust my set to work the crowd a bit instead of just going straight into material the whole time. There was also a tv network that covered the show. I believe it was Razor TV. One of the comedians, Gary Ow, told me he’ll send me the link once it’s up.

Met some producers after the show and they’re interested in doing a show so who knows, I might be back real soon together with the Comedy Cartel.