Filipino Jokes About Growing Up in the Philippines

Pinoy jokes are funny when you can relate to them. This bit is about using the “tabo” or pail, when taking a bath in the Philippines. Most Filipinos can relate to this Pinoy joke because we have all been in the bathroom where the water pressure is weak or there’s no water at all. So one must develop the skill of using the tabo and timba.

Tim does a lot of Filipino jokes in English because he wants Filipinos and non-Filipinos to enjoy the humor from experiences which are universal if you look deep enough. After all, we have more things in common but we just don’t realize it.

Watch another clip of Tim’s comedy performance here:

Filipino Comedian Tim Tayag Does Standup at Strumm’s Part 1

That one is a bit longer.

You can watch more funny comedians by going to Comedy Cartel’s Facebook Page. Enjoy.

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