Handling Hecklers During Your Stand Up Performance


You can’t help it, at some point in your stand up career, there will be a drunk guy who thinks he’s being funny and will try to heckle you with some stupid question. How do you handle it? Well, you have to put him in his place without being mean and alienating the rest of the audience. Most of the time, the audience is on your side, especially if the heckler is just plain stupid and is disrupting the show for everyone. So here’s a clip of one of my recent gigs where a heckler, who was probably thinking he was being good natured, asked me if I were gay. In his defense, the dude was actually a nice guy and I approached him after my set and he said I was funny and his friends credited me with a good come back. I hope this gives you some insight on how to handle the hecklers in your show. Good luck!

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