Sharon and Sweet Life

This first video was from my 2009 guesting on the Sharon Cuneta Show. Ate Shawie was very nice but I’m not sure if I should be proud of this performance or be ashamed. I kinda feel both. Was it an accomplishment or was it selling out? I can’t decide. All I know is I stuck to my guns – win or lose, I did it my way….

You see, the set-up was already difficult. It’s almost like you’re set-up to fail. It’s hard enough to do standup comedy the right way (without costumes, singing, or insulting the audience) and to throw in the “don’t laugh or you will be punished” contest just puts another brick wall in front of you. Okay, enough excuses. This next video was from my Sweet Life guesting with Lucy Torres. Now, this is how’s it’s supposed to be done.

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